• Advance Surveillance System

    In today's world, it is important to have CCTV to protect your premises, as well as your assets and staff. Some of the possible issues that may surface at a clinic includes abuse of staff, theft and violence.

    Our surveillance solution includes:

    • Complete solution suite of cameras, recording hardware and software for you
    • Daily Automatic Backup Solution
    • One Year Warranty

  • Advance Laptop & PC

    We work closely with many of our associates in the medical line and understand the importance of speed and reliability in a clinic. Our laptops and PCs purchased with us have been configured to startup within 20 seconds*.

    Our solutions include:

    • Fast startup with SSD harddisk
    • Professional setup with proven track records
    • 3 year manufacturer warranty

  • Advance Queue

    Our Queue systems allow a clinic to function expediently with queue numbers and keep your patients abreast of the latest news..

    Our package includes the following:

    • Virtual Screen for Queue Number and Keypad
    • PC for Virtual Screen included

  • Advance Web

    From the customer's perspective, most common questions such as operating hours, type of services offered may take up time to answer in the forms of phone calls and enquiries.

    Our Advance Web package allows your clinic to be located easily with a Google Search and to provide relevant information for your customers.

    Our package includes the following:

    • Modern Wordpress Design
    • Basic 5 pages website: Home, About Us, Services, Operating Hours & Location, Contact Us
    • Free 2-hour Content Management System (CMS) training

  • Other Clinic Services

    We also provide the following services:

    • Clinic Remote Backup Solution
    • Clinic Centralized Storage or Data Backup Solution
    • Clinic Phone System